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Manasi Joshi

"I met JP at Gopichand academy where he teachers yoga and NLP to juniors. He is very dedicated and his techniques were a game changer for me. At that time I was preparing for world championship and I was looking for someone who could provide me with mental training along with ease out the stress associated to such big level tournaments. He gave me Access bar session along with NLP techniques. Because these trainings, I became more aware of myself and eased out a lot of stress. The higher me was able to take more load physically and mentally. My language during self talk also changed because of a new perspective that I learnt from JP. He is always enthusiastic to teach and I have seen a huge difference with his techniques. "

- Manasi Joshi, Parabadminton BWF Champion, INDIA

Surya Thammiraju
Accessbars is Amazing

- Surya Thammiraju, Corporate CTO

I never thought that one access bars session can help in rebooting my mind and increase the focus back on what I wanted to achieve and align all my energies to do the right thing. Thank you so much JP. I wish you and your team all the best!! - Surya Thammiraju

Best Yoga Teacher Training

- Sridhar Iriventi, CEO and NRI

The personal attention that I got from comprehensive teacher Mr. Satya and a professional like JP brought out a Yoga teacher and Professional skills as a wellness coach, the course exposed me to Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Gheranda Samhitha and many more too class ancient texts. I recommend this 200 hour transformational experience to one and all.

Maanas Hero and bigboss5 contestant
Energy and Emotional Strength

-Maanas, Hero and BigBoss5 Contestant

I have availed the wellness services like Yoga sessions, access bars for the family members and peak performance techniques that help in maintaining energy levels and emotional strength. It's a wonderful experience to get rid of the fatigue and stress with the amazing techniques and breathing practices. I recommend one and all to take care of their body and mind

Hi, I’m Jayaprakash Nambaru

Yoga Wellness Coach and Founder of Yoga Lifestyle Hub called JP Yoga Wellness Consulting. I am on a mission to help 10000 Graduating Students to achieve Freedom Lifestyle using Hatha Yoga Teacher Training